It’s goodbye from us…but it’s not the end

When we launched this campaign a year ago, we had no idea what the response would be like. We had one clear goal, to shift the dial on salary secrecy in the charity sector. Over the past year, hundreds of organisations have signed our pledge to always #ShowTheSalary when they recruit. Many have added salariesContinue reading “It’s goodbye from us…but it’s not the end”

Guest Blog: Why employers need to say what they pay

This is a guest blog by Joe Levenson – Director, Policy, Research and Communications, Young Women’s Trust While it has been illegal in the UK for over 50 years for women to be paid less than men for equal work, at Young Women’s Trust we know from our work supporting young women struggling to liveContinue reading “Guest Blog: Why employers need to say what they pay”

The power of people

We’re 4 short weeks in, and slightly overwhelmed at how much has happened in the last month!  Last week we were absolutely over the moon to announce our first charity cohort – 28 sector-leading organisations who have signed our pledge and committed to ALWAYS #ShowTheSalary when they advertise their jobs.  Alongside our 18 (so farContinue reading “The power of people”

Our full statement ahead of IoF’s open forum on #ShowTheSalary

We have been in existence now for 20 days. In that time our tweets have been seen 1/3 million times. 18 major agencies, job boards and membership bodies have signed our pledge to always #ShowTheSalary, and we’ve been overwhelmed with early response to our charity pledge and from the people that make our sector whatContinue reading “Our full statement ahead of IoF’s open forum on #ShowTheSalary”

#ShowTheSalary: The story so far

So much has happened since we burst onto the scene just 2 weeks ago! So we thought it might be useful to take stock and review what has happened so far. A blog feels like a sensible home for this, and we will continue to add posts when we have news to share. They won’tContinue reading “#ShowTheSalary: The story so far”